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Your true thing

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Discover & PLOT your path forward

Sometimes we need to re-assess where we are in parts of our lives and decide where we want to go. Other times it can simply be about getting in gear and moving forward.

Whether it's looking at your life purpose, relationships, managing life transitions or any other challenge life throws at you, a Certified ICF Coach can help you get there.

Life comes at you fast and can seem overwhelming at times. It is for that reason we work together to take on a small bit at a time by starting with "one true thing".


Hi, I'm Burnes Hollyman and I help people discover what they want and get things done. It can be dealing with something as large as "what is my life purpose?" or "what should I do about handling this transition in my life?" to something as basic as "I am just stuck on this one thing and need someone to coach me forward".

We do this together on a confidential basis. As a formally accredited ICF Coach, I am not a "woo woo" New Age self-anointed life coach. I have concrete tools, tips, and techniques to help you get to a place you sometimes didn't even know that you wanted to go or even existed.


Other times, it's about picking up on where you left off last. It's all based on who you are and what you want.

We work together to find "your one true thing". Although more often than not, you have many. We won't wallow endlessly in the past. The past is important in context but we focus on getting you energized to move on to your next thing. It can be your next season of life or your next week. Maybe just tomorrow. 

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